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Over the last 15 years she has held a position as DJ in several of the major island venues, thanks to her irresistible selection of cutting-edge unreleased tunes, she has paved the way into pole position of Balearic tastemakers, as well as breaking the Ibizarre Records label into the world market. Eva has been playing regularly @ all the established venues of Ibiza, beach bars such as Kumharas, Mambo, Savannah, Blue Marlin, Café del Mar, then Atzaró, Las Dalias, Grial, Veto, Hard Rock Hotel, resident @ Namaste’ partys, etc. and at the main Ibiza clubs: Space Ibiza with a residency at Be@Space in 2011 and at Carl Cox Revolution in 2014 – Amnesia Terrace – Privilege Coco Loco – Pacha. Also at Festivals such as Armada/EFF Festival in Amsterdam, Lovefield in Germany, Las Dalias@Palasport Madrid,etc. Eva has a wide background as radio dj as well, since 12 years solid she's weekly on Ibizian airwaves, broadcasting on the 2 main radio stations - Ibiza Sonica & Ibiza Global Radio. Hence her sets are varied, and her style fresh & eclectic making of each set a 1 time event. 
Her EP "Caliente" featuring Eva's vocals + 7 remixes, went straight into Beatport Top 5 Chillout Chart, where it held position for a month in 2012. In that same year, she launched her first mixed CD compilation, that is becoming a cult serie for Ibiza’s lovers >Ocean Deep Ibiza – in summer 2013, vol.2.
Styles played: Deep House - Tech-house – Techno – Balearic Chillout - Ethnic Grooves – 70’s classics & remixed –ElectroRock – Progressive 
You can listen to Eva’s numerous dj sets on >>> www.evapacifico.com



Johannes Christen Graae is our Danish upcoming artist, painter, music producer & graphic designer known as"Sun Shield" inspired by The Mayan Lord Pakal that was called often by the moniker.
Sun Shield creates unique Glitch, Psystep, Downtempo, Morning, Chill Out and Psybient.
You can follow his successful soundcloud below:
Sound & Digital Artwork for
MindDsign Rec.



His release is one of the most anticipated moments in the history of Sirius Owl Records. That’s saying a lot considering some of the incredibly successful past recordings of this well-respected Record Label. Kenji Williams is a composer and director for multi-media live theater, mixed reality, and interactive datavisualization, and is the founder and creative director of the NASA-powered earth-from-space show, BELLA GAIA. 
Official Website: http://www.bellagaia.com
FOLLOW HERE:  soundcloud.com/bellagaiamusic 
Williams is an Artist in Residence and Visiting Scholar at the University of Colorado at Boulder developing a live 3D Holographic theater show, "Origin Stories" and a trans-disciplinary initiative for students and researchers. 

Named a "100 Top Creative" by Origin Magazine, a World Technology Network award finalist in Arts, Entertainment, and Education, and a Grammy voting member, Williams explores the nexus of art and science through collaborations as diverse as astronaut Koichi Wakata orbiting live aboard the International Space Station, multimedia artist Paul Miller, Ballet Philippines, and institutions such as NASA, UNEP, UNESCO. 




Chronos is one of the leading Russian chillout/ambient projects.

Since 2001 project brings lots of sacral & esoterical ideas through audio-visual performances, music & people combined in one source of vision & slogan: “Music for awakening consciousness”

The way of Chronos paths between ambient/ethnic influences and downtempo/ trip-trance vibrations. The word “Chronos” from ancient greek language translates like “Time”. Like internity invisible by mind engine, symbol of our evolution.

The man behind the project is Nick Klimenko.Moscow based musician, sound producer, sound designer, live performer & teacher.

15 years of experience with music as dj, producer, radioshow player etc.

Nick Klimenko is a composer, sound designer and performer from Moscow, Russia. Through his music he shares life’s substance and the universal flow of emotional exchange and passion with the world around him. Besides writing and producing music and performing it, Nick also develops virtual instruments, sound libraries and does other audio work. He is also the originator of an electronic musical school (www.stereoschool.ru) and an author of musical education courses.

Released 20 albums, 20 EP’s and 100 single tracks around the globe.



ZERO CULT is the project of Emil Ilyayev from Israel, who has been producing electronic music for well over a decade. The project was born in 2003 after discovering the new sound of downtempo and chillout music in the underground scene. Emil's music has unique sound,that combines mysterious melodies and vibes with downtempo beats.His debut album "Art of Harmony" was described as a best chill albums of the 2006. 




Frédéric Holyszewski aka Dado repeatedly woos crowds and longtime fans to the beat of his new productions. Ranging from solo projects as Deedrah, as he is known in the circuit since 20 years now.
​ Once in the scene in the mid 90’s as a self-made rock band, Vision Quest, Dado met Christophe Drouillet with whom he would form the legendary group Transwave. In only 2 years they reached mind blowing success releasing 4 full length albums in total. The duo gained first hand experience selling and producing the entire CDs themselves from creating the sleeves, recording the albums, and even directing the first video for the international trance hit “Land of Freedom”. 
All this experience eagerly propelled Dado to create his first ever studio in a Paris basement. In ’97 he created QuestionMark records to form a structure for French and international artists providing not only a label for promotion but also supporting a recording and production system. The first Deedrah album “Self-Oscillation” was released under this label, as well as 3 compilations “The Groovebox”, “ Anologique” and “Digitale”. The first album “Cypher” was released with the cooperation of TWISTED Rds. UK. 
His talent and knowledge of music is wide spread as his versatility in style. This is reflected in his multiple groups or ‘personalities’!!! Soon to be released this year a series of Synthetic ep s with is mate Matt king and and the long awaited second opus from ‘Federico Baltimore’ alter ego!! Loyal fans can be pleased to know that he is hard at work with a album together with his partner in crime Shanti Matikin that will be released this summer on number one label IBOGA records.



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