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APRIL 4, 2020

Chronos is one of the leading Russian chillout/ambient projects.
Since 2001 this project brings lots of sacred & esoteric ideas through audio-visual performances and music, combining in one wave the vision and motto: “Music for awakening consciousness”.
The way of Chronos paths between ambient/ethnic influences and downtempo to ambient vibrations. The word “Chronos” comes from ancient Greek language translating in “Time”. Like internity, the invisible of the mind engine, the symbol of our evolution.
The man behind the project is Nick Klimenko. Moscow based musician, music producer, sound engineer, live performer & electronic music school teacher.

Chronos: Amplifying Moscow Ambient Scene: In the Press



How would you define Chronos today?

Its the15th years anniversary in this year for Chronos Music.

After hundreds of concerts around the world, collaborations

with lots of talented producers in different genres & jams with great musicians –  for me, “Chronos” is way more than a musical project.

Its a life experience, a style of living & a great opportunity to

share emotions, knowledge & my philosophy to the people.

Do you think you have reached your goal on awakening

consciousness through music for your listeners and


I believe its far more to open, to share in the future and this is endless.

We are living in the world of fast changes – in consciousness,

technology, our habits and our vision – so in every moment there are new ideas and an new opportunity, also new instruments to share this ideas.

And its a goal – to shift usual perception.

Are you aware of the shift in consciousness around

you? Are the people in Moscow becoming more


Absolutely yes.

Now esoterica, spiritual way, vegetarian & vegan movements

are very strong around the world and especially in Russia.

Its tuning, there are still lots of “Vodka-Pelmeni” style and

pseudo-teaches around. But i feel global shift, its coming.

Have you experienced healing miracles while

performing your music?

I see people tears while i'm playing and tears with hugs after.

Sometimes people are writing to me, explaining their experiences in lots of ways through, social media and other resources – and its a big gift to an artist to feel that, to be part of great moments in human life.

Do you feel connected to Chronos the Ancient Greek

God of time, ruin and creation, and what is the story

behind the moniker?

I heard lots of stories that this Greek Guy was not that good

& ate his children on breakfast :(

For me Chronos – is an aspect of time – invisible moving engine & symbol of our evolution.

I learned ancient Greek language in university as well as Latin.

You can find lot of words in names of tracks on this ancient languages in my creativity and vast projects.

You have many European fans, what you want to say to



Wazzup,Guys? :)

Where does Nick get’s his inspiration and how that

inspires Chronos?

Every single Chronos track based on real story of Nick's life.

You can name any of my tracks – and i will give you a story

which inspire me on its creation.

Its not just sitting in studio with your brain while trying to find beautiful words for what you’ve just done.

Its done after a life event, after meeting a person, travelling or experiencing something.

What do you think of the chill out/ambient and even

psybient scenes now?

Its still small, underground, still a sub-area for main floor,

but its growing.

Thanks for such a festivals like Samsara, Sun Spirit.

Thanks for such a labels as Altar, Cosmic-leaf, Mystic Sound, Sirius Owl Records and all others…

You are making our scene bigger & better.

Talk to us about your music school in Moscow…

Its open for almost 10 years now.

We had more than 500 students teaching individually.

Many of them succeed – and working now, playing now, releasing music.

For example: Neuroq, Sol 8, Taff, Respected Force, Fusionista, OkoloSna, Acidkit and others – our children

which we had such joy to share our knowledge and experience.

Now we are the official Steinberg centre & almost official Ableton & Arturia centres.

Do you teach your students connection with their spirit

through music or is it just technique? What are your

views on teaching?

Our method is – “individual approach” and also, hearing every single person and his/her desires, motivation, ideas – and help them through all stages: technical, inspiration, support and moving further.

How performing all over the world changed you as a


It helps me to become a Man :)

All that movements and flying around the world – are a great opportunity to learn worldwide cultures, to connect to different

people and experience different ways of thinking.

But its not every time a joyful adventure – sometimes its hard

and dynamic and lots of non-easy events are following you.

In this cases you are remembering that you are Russian and that you have “beard” 

(savage stereotype reference) 


We have to overcome these moments.

Except that it is a blessing – you are enjoying and helping others to enjoy.

For example: I was in Austria with almost no money, in an endless  wait for payment through money transfer etc… – but at least there were neighbour hostels with …kitchens. lol

I just went there and got some pasta for "free" :P

And I said that I’m staying in that neighbour hostel :))) then I went away, lol – went back to my hostel and cook that pasta :)

You may said: I stole the pasta – in some way, yes I did.

But in another way – its an exchange.

A few hostels later – I left a lot a food and goods, so I balanced it out.

Also, I was in a time of need…

How do you feel releasing with a different label like

Sirius Owl Records that releases soundtracks, acoustic,

meditation and electronic music equally?

Chronos now on level when I don’t searching anything – I’m

receiving invitations to be included in releases around the world on many great labels.

I'm a creative Machine.

Having 20 albums , 20 eps & almost 150 tracks released around and I don’t want to stick to one label, even some of them want this to be a marriage, lol :)

Usually saying that I’m a musical whore (in case of personal relationships I’m opposite, the most serious man on the planet) but I believe can release wherever I want :)

I like the flow of Sirius Owl, their previous releases, hospitality,

and believe that upcoming compilation will be great!

Are you happy being a part of our new Sirius Owl

Records family?

Yes, Boys & Girls!!

Would you make music for games and movies again?


I just finished a soundtrack for "Gods Portrait" an art-house movie

recorded in Cyprus.

Great work, interesting adventure.

For that we recorded lots of ancient Duduk samples, we stretch them into structures which worked out great, giving this feeling

of ancient worldly spirituality.

I made music for a Corean game "Tree Of Saviour" in past, as well music for an action film about catastrophe of flying ball – which required all of my knowledge and skills.


What the future holds for you, according to your



I'm continuing to move with my mission of knowledge and inspiration.

Most of I dream about – a good team, a dreamwork, a synth

shop, another school, more music for films, games, great festivals and more travelling to be done.

Maybe its time for my own little happiness? :)


We thank Chronos for this amazing interview!

Remember to check Chronos' new track releasing soon on Meta Bhakti Silence Volume 2 Compiled by Athena Etana
Release date: 20th of April 2020.

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